There Are no Scams With doxo - It’s Just Bill-Paying Made Easy

August 15, 2019
Everyone has to pay their bills. That is why thatsegment of the economyrepresents nearly half of all household spending and it is also why the folks who set up the doxo system started the company in the first place. The act of managing and paying all the household bills is among the most frustrating and confounding tasks every family has to face. On average, households pay at least 10 or more bills every month and many of them juggle several online accounts, the occasional creditor that won't take a credit card and a number of websites that won't work with a mobile phone or tablet.

Many who use doxo compare it to a filing cabinet because all users can scan and keep all of their bills, statements and related documents on their secure servers, and they can pay their bills as they come up. This free service (this is no scam - it really is and always will be free!) includes many features that make bill-paying a much easier monthly chore than otherwise.